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The saying, “you’re only as good as the data you have been collecting,” is true for insurers trying to foster improvements in risk mitigation, and when evaluating the effectiveness of their risk programs, they often face a harsh reality related to the ability to collect the right data and apply it to systems and processes that will create meaningful insights.

The good news is that some insurers are well on their way to risk management excellence via collection of new types of data, technology-enabled location intelligence tools and an integrated view of the risk portfolio that enable better and more informed decisions around risk.

Register now to listen to industry experts' insightful discussion, and learn how:

  1. A single, integrated view can help insurers mitigate losses, grow revenues and drive competitive advantage.
  2. Location Intelligence can add value across several different business processes.
  3. GeoEnrichment can precisely locate and add authoritative and descriptive attributes to customer, transaction or other data to add context and enhanced business insight.
  4. Richer perspectives can enhance risk management at every level, from property to portfolio.
  5. To leverage big data-based spatial processing to:
    1. Attach real-time events such as weather, crime, and traffic to property data for deeper understanding of risk.
    2. Create a 360-degree view of an insured property to understand 4 walls of aggregate risk.

Major U.S. and global insurers rely on Pitney Bowes for the Location Intelligence that informs their business, including best-in-class global geocoding, a comprehensive Global Data catalog, GeoEnrichment and powerful mapping solutions. View now to find out how you can put these to work for your business.

Featured Presenters:

Pat Speer
Speer Consulting
Berk Charlton
Managing Director, Product Management, Enterprise Location Intelligence Products
Pitney Bowes
Jay Gentry
Solutions Director, Customer Information Management
& Location Intelligence
Pitney Bowes

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