The digital divide: Are you a leader or laggard in core transformation?

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The Digital Divide has traditionally referred to a disparity between those who “have” and those who “have not” in regards to access to advanced technologies. Now, a new divide has emerged, separating those who “have” from those who “have more” – meaning companies are now beginning to pull ahead by employing technological capabilities and core transformations in ways that are smarter and more strategic than others—and ultimately achieving a business advantage.

Today, many insurance companies are connecting this digital viewpoint externally and internally. Externally, the upgrade process must incorporate the digital needs of policyholders to create superior customer experience, while also achieving improved business results for the insurer. We’ll look at the digital transformation that has occurred in other market segments and how these lessons can be applied to insurance. Internally, they’re also updating their core operations, moving from legacy systems to more modern environments. We’ll review key milestones along this transformation journey.

After outlining these considerations, Senior Vice President of IT Joe McGurrin will walk us through the specific approach and best practices his company used to transform its core operations, including policy, billing, claims, and business intelligence.

Featured Presenters:

Karen Furtado
Strategy Meets Action
Brian Mack
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Systema Software
Joseph McGurrin
Senior Vice President, Information Technology
Pennsylvania & Indiana Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Companies

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